Nirman Sanstha, Khandel


The Social Development Organization ' Nirman Sanstha, Khandel' is a registered organization and working since 1985, it has been registered in the year 1986. The organization possesses all necessary legal documents including Society Registration; Income Tax 12 A & 80G; FCRA etc. Organization is being run through its modes operandi and it is working smoothly despite of many risks and challenges occurred in its developmental journey, since last 30 years. Monthly review meeting has been continuously conducted by the organization so as to take stock of the social development activities on the 15th day excluding 15th August (Independence Day). The monthly meet is observed by more than 500 rural participants where some of them put their problems, whereas some present their solutions and in entirety, they are re-energized and encouraged by the organization during the meet.

In the interest of Local Community, Organization is working hard continuously by undertaking Social Welfare activities, further which leads to social awareness. Few of these development led activities are:
- Environment Awareness (including Plantation) activities since inception
- Water conservation, Rain Water Harvesting and Awareness on Water Resource Management
- Community Welfare via increasing access to Government services on - Family Planning & Welfare; Small Family; Institutional Deliveries
- Community Mobilization through conducting Polio campaign, IECs and Monthly meetings are being organized to spread awareness on Seasonal Diseases in consultation with subject experts and Doctors
- Simultaneously Special Health Camp is organized for diagnostic & treatment of Eyes, Dental, ENT, asthma, Gynecological etc.
- Awareness on Farmer Credit card through bank preparation and improved quality seeds for cultivation purposes for Fruit, Vegetables and crops, as the status of water in earlier times was not bad but currently the rural populace are affected with the severe water problems as the level of water has gone too deeper (dark zone) to use it for drinking and for agriculture purposes. Thus, farmers solely depend upon the monsoon to earn their bread.
- Organization has been running numerous Self Help Groups (SHGs) spread over its working area, where the village Animator/Helper conducts a monthly meeting in their own village to review their workings, savings, income generating activities, documentation etc. and on the other hand, these Animator/Helper took active part in the organizational Monthly meeting also for the same.
- Organization is satisfied by the Women Community Worker who is conducting Monthly Adolescent Girl Groups meetings continuously, where Sanitary Napkins @ INR 1 only is distributed to the Girl participants from year 2005 and they are further motivated as future ideal mother also. Efforts are made to organize Adolescent Girls Fair.
- Sports competitions for Rural Youth are also organized whenever needed
- Rural Community is made aware time to time on various issues and Government schemes like - General Elections, National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, Food Storage, Nursery raising, Land Treatment, Measures for Healthy crops(disease-free) and Literacy among others
- Vocational trainings conducted for Youth including - Swing & Computer trainings and in yesteryears trainings on 'Rugs (carpet) & Soaps' were imparted
- Camps and consultations are being organized on social evils - child marriage, dowry, death feast, sex discrimination, alcohol, smoking etc.
- Organization has always favored for the concept 'Live and Let Live' and thus worked upon Environment Conservation which is a joint responsibility of every community member and contribute towards environment sustainability Keeping an universal view of caring both animals and birds, organization encouraged the Gram Panchayat and Community persons for safe guarding the Pasture lands and in this regard few Animal community was made aware to look after the birds to for their better life and health check up camps were also organized
- Organization has directly benefited to many disadvantaged sections in the form of – Toilet and Water house (to keep safe drinking water up to 10,000 liters up to a month) Construction, Safe Drinking Water House, Water supply from Water tankers, Roof for Roofless, Financial help to poor students, Emergency Relief Services, Sanitary Napkins to Adolescents Girls and their Fair, Swing and Computer training for Rural Youth, Post Natal Care for the improvement of newly born girl child's health (under Save Girl Campaign), Village level Rain Water re-charge and Water Resources Management under National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, Repair of needy persons house, Running Fodder depot in times of Drought to provide cattle feed in need of the hour and maintenance support is extended for public properties like - road and thoroughfare

Organization implements the above social welfare tasks in National & Social interest on the basis of 'No Profit - No Loss'.

Prior to existence of the institution there was very little awareness towards social services in the area, but there was ample interaction and feeling of cooperation among the habitants of the area. Now, though the emotions still exist in people but a feeling of suspicion can be seen creeping every where into the mind set of people, which eventually indicates decline in mutual faith. It seems so wonderful to me that I have completed 30 years serving in rural area.

Entire community and programmes for it moved hand in hand and inspired us to stride ahead. Our achievements have always been very good. Monthly meetings on 15th of every month have become a big tradition. Even today it is so natural to feel pleasure while experiencing same attraction and liking among ladies and gents towards meeting, their participation in the meetings wearing traditional colorful dresses and enjoying this happy get-together. We have completed our 30 years span of journey with the cooperation of hundreds of workers, intellectuals and people associated with Government and public. Today it is our opportunity and privilege to honor those deserving villagers, intellectuals and donors who have helped us in completing, the journey till date. They will always be honored and remain source of inspiration for us.

One of the great advantage of working together by taking all the participants in oneness has been that it has generated cordial relations among them which consecutively has worked a feeling to help each other at the time of need. Several programmes have been executed and many more will be taken up. People are accepting the existence of the institution, participating in the programs willingly and ready to cooperate, this is also a marvelous achievement during 30 years journey. The report card of 30 years devoted service to the society by Nirman Sanstha is now in your hands. This useful document of social works accomplished in last 30 years by us is placed before you. Kindly guide us further.