I have great pleasure to acknowledge that Nirman Sanstha, Khandel, Jaipur is completing 27 years on 15th October 2010 since its establishment. The institution was constituted to solve the complex problems. I have been in close contact with the Nirman Sanst ha for the last 15 years. I am experiencing great honor to say that command of the institution is in the hand of proficient administrator, energetic, honest, learned and having abundant outspoken rational aptitude, Shri Rameshwar Lal Verma.

The Institute,in addition to construction of lavatories, water tanks, Jivan Jyoti Niwas under its programmes, has made successful efforts to bring prosperity in public life by operating programmes like employment generation, medical facilities, assistance to brilliant and poor students, drinking water, land reforms, plantation and social awareness. In the meeting being held on 15th of every month where more than 500 people from 30 villages sitting together discuss in the task of development without any partiality. This it self appears to be a marvelous scenario for me always. The overall working of the institute is a beautiful, strong and well balanced effort for upliftment of the poor. I bestow my heartiest greetings to the Director, Shri Rameshwar Lal Verma for all the se programmes.

Dr O.P. Dayma, President (Nirman Sanstha, Khandel)

I am feeling very much pleasure at the occasion of completion of 30 years of the Nirman Sanstha, Khandel. The publicity and expansion of service and knowledge for the public of the area done by the institute is very useful, the direct effect of which can b e observed at any place in the area. More than 1500 families have been benefited from the programmes undertaken by this institute. The institute has brought happiness in their lives by spending crores of rupees. Now these families are progressing themselve s. I congratulate Director Sahib at this auspicious occasion that this great work is performed under his leadership. I convey my heartiest greetings for the institute and its workers.

Mr. Mangi Lal Kumawat, Vice President (Nirman Sanstha, Khandel)

Creation of Shiva from dust
There exist in the Rajasthan desert “grandmother of all the (holy spots) pilgrimage places” Devyani, Shri Rameshwar Lal Verma was born in a small village Khandel situated in the vicinity of the above holiest place Devyani. Shri Rameshwar Lal Verma, was brought up in a small village Khandel with meager capacity. After completion of education and obtaining intellect (understanding) from the outer world, he saw the dream to return to his native village and work over there. Commemoration of the Nirman Sanstha, Khandel who is completing 30 years of its establishment, is being delivered not only through people’s voice but also through research documents of the Universities. I frequently enjoyed myself participating in the monthly meetings being held on 15th of every month.

There would hardly be another example in our country India having 125 million populations where formal donors/people from abroad are collecting money for the assistance of a social institution. Shri Rameshwar Lal Verma proved this through seven oceans voyage. He showed the way to emerge Khandel light Charity in England. Abundant congratulations to his wife and ex-sarpanch, Mrs. Kamla Verma and associates of Nirman Sanstha, Khandel for their precious contribution in this holy job. Salute to Khandel Village and Mother Devyani - for the soil dust, for the Shiva and for the mother Devyani.

Mr. Laxmi Narayan, a University, Jaipur

That was also a time
Twenty Seven have been elapsed since commencement of work by the Institution, it appears that we have started our efforts only few days ago, conducting meeting on public paths, walking on foot in villages. Those days are still in our memory when we were not even having bicycles.

God poured blessings on us that our work was appreciated by our Government and foreigners and they are associated with us. I express my gratitude towards the Government and our people who are the dear ones for me, as were at the time of inception of the institute in 1986. I salute to all along with our well wishers.

Mrs. Smt. Kamla Verma

Nirman Sanstha, Khandel (Serving period – 30 years)
The Nirman Sanstha, Khandel was registered formally on 15 October 1986, whilst it had alread y commenced its activities from 1985. Prior to existence of the organisation there was very little awareness towards social services in the area, but there was ample interaction and feeling of cooperation among the habitants of the area. Now, though the emotions still exist in people but a feeling of suspicion can be seen creeping ever ywhere into the mind set of people, which eventuall y indicates decline in mutual faith. It seems so wonderful to me that I have completed 30 years serving in rural area.

Entire community and programmes for it moved hand in hand and inspired us to stride ahead. Our achievements have always been very good. Monthly meetings on 15th of every month have become a big tradition. Even today it is so natural to feel pleasure while experiencing same attraction and liking among ladies and gents towards meeting, their participation in the meetings wearing traditional colorful dresses and enjo ying this happy get-together. W e have completed our 30 ye ars span of journey with the cooperation of hundreds of workers, intellectuals and people associated with Government and public. Today it is our opportunity and privilege to honor those deserving villagers, intellectuals and donors who have helped us in completing, the journey till date. They will always be honored and remain source of inspiration for us.

One of the great advantage of working together by taking all the participants in oneness has been that it has generated cordial relations among them which consecutively has worked a feeling to help each other at the time of need. Several programmes have been executed and many more will be taken up. People are accepting the existence of the institution, participating in the programs willingly and read y t o cooperate, this is also a marvelous achievement during 30 years journey. The report card of 30 years devoted service to the societ y by Nirman Sanstha is now in your hands. This useful document of social works accomplished in last 30 years by us is placed before you. Kindly guide us further.

Sh. Rameshwar Lal Verma

B. Views of visitors/guests for Nirman Sanstha, Khandel
S.No. Name Response/Reaction
1 Sh. P.K. Gupta R.A. , CAPART . 15.7.89 Future of Nirman Sanstha seems bright under the leadership of Rameshwar Lal Verma, who is really good organisor, motivator, devoted in the development of rural poor of the area. Achievements made so far in only 3 years are excellent.
2 Shri Narendra Kumar Singh VIKAST, Ahmedabad 16.12.89 The help/cooperation given by Shri Rameshwar Lal Ji and other colleagues of Nirman Sanstha Khandel is indescribable, that can’t be explained in words. It seems that I am with my family.
3 Shri Lakshmi Narayan Sharma, Prayatna Sansthan, Solavata 7.3.90 Group of enthusiastic workers in Rural Development is also imitable for other areas.
4 Sh. Berry Underwood Oxfam, Ahamdabad 7/3/90 Best wishes for the Durry training program. It will bring benefit to the women of the villages.
5 Shri Sanjay Sharma,VHAI,Delhi 15.7.90 I was willing to visit Sanstha for a long period, today I heartily delighted coming here. Here environment is fine and convenient for changes.
6 Sh. NINAN OOMMEN HelpAge India 8/8/90 Work done is good my best wishes to all staff members.
7 Sh. Umarao Salodia I.A.S. Director Social Welfare Dept. 15.10.90 The organization is doing very good work in solving local problems. They should also give attention to literacy and social evils.
8 Shri Kishan Singh Manohar, Development officer, 15.10.90, Sambhar I praise heartily the programmes of Nirman Sanstha, Khandel. I appreciate the tactful working and skill of the founder of Sanstha that the person of such caliber can be bright splendour not only for the area but for the entire province.
9 Shri Amrish Bedi, Development Officer, Sambhar 15.3.91 The works and efforts being done by the Sanstha are appreciable. It will be our endeavour to extend every support at our stage.
10 Shri Ram Narain Bairwa, MP 2.7.91 I was impressed by excellent works of Sanstha, keep the same progress up.
11 Sh. Jagroop Singh Yadav S.D.M. Smabhar 1/8/91 The organization is doing excellent work in this area in many fields. I wish it shall be able to generate awairness in public at large in the area.
12 Shri Ranjeet Khan, Dy. SP Sambhar Lal 6.8.91 I associated with villagers to discus the issue on police and villagers. I liked the discussion. I wish for bright future (of Sanstha).
13 Sh. Hnas Raj Indo German Social Society, Delhi 10/10/91 I have come to study nursery plantation program of nirman sanstha. The work done is quite encouraging.
14 Sh. Harsh V. Bhatnagar S.D.M. Sambhar 16/6/92 After discussing the activities and objectives of NSK it is quite clean that this is a voluntary organization in the true sense of the term.
15 M.S. Minakshi Huja, IAS, Director Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur 5.10.92 I associated in Women fair. The work of Sanstha is really appreciable. It is only our dream to empower woman.
16 Sh. Bignness, Inger Marie NORAD, New Delhi 23/1/93 We have made an official visit to organization to as a donor of NGO. We are pleased to see and learn about the effectiveness in the project components. We feel sure that the project money is spent well, thank you for showing us and we will discuss the future components when the draft 5 years plan is made.
17 Shri Vinsent E Thakur India- Canada Cooperation, New Delhi 9.9.93 I was impressed from what I have seen in villages in a short period. My greetings to the Sansthan for achieving its objectives successfully.
18 MS Rita Menon, IAS Director, Family Welfare, New Delhi 20.1.94 Detailed discussions were held with the Director, have contacts with worker. If everybody perform such work the map of the country would be changed.
19 Sh. Edgor Bruser, EZE BONN, Germeny 22/2/94 Many thanks to the society welcome and the exposer to the activity of the organization. Many thanks for the future.
20 Shri N.M. Mehta, Monitor, KAPART, New Delhi 18.4.94 Today I visited activities performed by Nirman Sanstha. I gone into their record and files and observed that I have not seen such a systematic work in any other Institution in my life. All the work and record is transparent.
21 Shri Madan Dilawar, State Minister, Social Welfare, 15.10.95 The work of Nirman Sanstha is extremely appreciable and commendable.
22 Sh. Subodh K.R. CEVA Gaziabad 6/8/95 It was nice experience to see project implemented by the agency. It was interested to know that project would divinely benefit to the people. I wish for it success in future.
23 Dr. Peter Gough, England 9/4/96 My 10 days with you have been magnificent and the experience among the most important of my life. The work carried out here is an example to the real rural India and should receive maximum support both as love and abroad.
24 Sh. Jermmy Groome, IATP Oxford, England. 29/7/96 I have spent an extremely interesting day with the staff and farmers. I hope that IATP and Nirman Sanstha can develop a framwork for a joint project in the future.
25 Sh. Purusottam Agarwal I.A.S. Director Agriculture. 15/9/96 I had a fruitful experience attending foundation day function of Nirman Sanstha. I hereby to see enthusiasm and active participation and people in their development. I wish them a success.
26 Shri Kanhiya Lal Verma, Painter, Sambhar Lake 22.8.97 Nirman Sanstha, Khandel is such a beautiful heritage of Indian cultural traditions, where Shri Rameshwar Lal Verma is performing with devotion.
27 Sh. Jameel A. Qureshi S.D.M. Sambhar Lake 3/9/98 The instution is doing very appricate work for rural development and creating awairness amongst rural people. I wish for the success of the instution in future.
28 Sh. Julian Cottenden, England 7/4/99 Wonderful experience for all of us. Thank you so much for all your afforts and hard work. RAM RAM
29 M.S. Yuouve McPeterland, PRO, Khandel Light, England 16/2/2005 After 5 years working with Khandel Light it has been truly wonderful to see all the work of nsk. Now when I speak about Khandel I realy feel that I know the people and the places the achievements of NSK team are viewable. Thank you.
30 Shri Narendra Kumar Bansal SDM, Sambhar Lake 21.7.06 Commendable work is being done by the Sanstha to bring awareness in women of rural areas in respect of education and health. A fresh model for rainwater storage has been prepared in the premises of Sanstha. Greetings for bright future of the Sanstha.
31 Sh. Birbal Singh Shekhawat S.D.M. Sambhar Lake 5/4/08 Nice & excuting work is being done. Relief work are been taken which is appreciable.
32 Sh. Mohesh Choudhary, D.Y.S.P. Sambhar 6/8/2008 It is a wonder to see a man with a vision of 100 years & managing it with dignity.
33 Priyanka Prayatan NGO 22/7/10 Very good work. Unique model of simplecity and trust. Rameshwar Lal Ji with the mode of Nirman Sanstha is establishing landmarks for current and next generation. We wish him all the very best for his efforts.