a). The establishment of the “NIRMAN” institution and branches for the achievement of the said object.
b). To help the villagers in arrangement of neat and clean drinking water who are affected by water problem arrangements.
c). Establishment and carried on the schools in the rural areas, to aware and help in maintenance the good health in the rural areas, approsong the mother and child programme in village to village.
d). Organisation and formation of woman board and woman meeting’s to solve the problems of women through women programmes. Create interest in women development and woman programme in the rural women.
e). Aware towards rural problems and utilization the services of University graduates and other students for the progress of rural. So that the gap of between rich and poor category could be minimise.
f). Made efforts to minimize the problems of rural and provide the latest knowledge in Agriculture, Livestock breeding so that they grow more production and breeding more livestock.
g). Benefiting to rural by taking advice from agriculture specialists that when and how crops can be taken in the Khari and banjar land.
h). Complete the village demand in villages by providing incentives to make more effective the cottage industries on the basis of region production.
i). Advertisement of the objects of the institution and its activities. Publishing and printing the books, establishing the libraries. Organisation of the workshops, meetings and literary activities which are under the objects of the institution and directing them.
j). Making coordination in activities and take help from Rajasthan or outside of Rajasthan situated such institutions whose objects are similar to the objects of the “NIRMAN”.
k). Taking in possession the arrangement of funds and performance which are helpful in achieving the objects of the institution.
l). Purchase the property for the purpose of the institution’s objects.
m). Appointment the workers and payment of salary and provide them possible facilities for the acts of institutions.
n). Provide help in registration of the woman club, youth club, bhajan mandliya and other at village level, small, small organizations in rural areas. After registration organise them and utilisation their power in Government plans and achieving the objects of the institution.
o). Act for the development of ecology.
p). Making any legal proceedings for the purpose of the objects of the institution.
q). Help and providing reasonable cooperation in accessing the reasonable matters of the labour to the concern officers, where draught relief work and other public work is going on and working more than 50 labors together there.
r). There is no profit involve in the performance of the above objects.


Vision (Dream) – Empowerment of deprived community.

Water & Life
Employment creative activities.
Land base resources development
Population education.
Health education and awareness
Women Empowerment
Work for National unity and social justice
All other current need base activity (Relief, Campaigning & Education)